We would not be able to pull of such a spectacular community event every year if it weren't for our volunteers!

Courageous and hardworking, these people are the backbone of our community. They are what keeps this all going! 

Want to have the time of your life AND give back to your community? Get in touch. Your community will appreciate you! 

Email info@lightupthehills.com or call 905-877-6710.

 Halton Hands in Motion, is a knitting guild that meets meet once a month

to knit and promote knitting in the community, learn.

This is the third year that this group will be installing knitted tree cozies on

about 100 trees in Dominion Gardens prior to Dec. 1. Some of these are red and

white striped candy cane cozies that go on the light poles with our candy canes.  

They are a terrific  added feature to our event and a fun  new thing to see.

Our Volunteers are the Best!